Gamli pikkfastur í beltinu! Sjá myndband

Vertu viðbúinn að missa þig úr hlátri, gamli pikkfastur í beltinu

I feel as though this should be shared, if you find it as funny as Kelly and I did then it will be a great start for a Tuesday. We were on our way home from Massachusetts and made a pit stop, Clint figured he could stretch his legs, the seat belt had locked up and this is how it went !!!!!!! I hope this will brighten your day. Hugs Update….. after we calmed down and starting breathing Kelly took control and got him out., poor Sadie is traumatized in the back and what in the heck is hydrophobic ?

Posted by Bonnie Chadbourne on Monday, April 6, 2015


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Átakanlegt video ekki láta þér bregða, lífið er ekki alltaf eins og við höldum!

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